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In 2004, Terri Place and Caito Mwandu had a ‘simple’ dream to open a home for orphaned children in Bagamoyo.  In reality though, most children here are not completely orphaned, but come from deeply broken, desperately poor homes where HIV/AIDS has destroyed family structure, as well as physical and mental health. Our work over the years has taught us that in order to effectively provide for orphans and other vulnerable children, we must focus on their extended families and the greater community as well.

For this reason, Baobab has kept the orphanage small and family style, so that we can stay immersed in the Bagamoyo community. Over the years we have helped hundreds of families in a variety of ways. Their problems are not uniform and neither are the solutions. We have built homes for families, gotten hundreds of children into school, sponsored dozens of income generation projects, helped people to access treatment and operations, served breakfast to thousands of children in need, sponsored mobile HIV testing and helped young people to quit drugs and alcohol. Above all, our approach is holistic, taking in to account the various social, economic and psychological aspects of poverty, in order to come up with sustainable solutions.

Our most recent endeavor is Steven Tito Academy - a primary school that will serve the kids of Baobab and the local community by providing high-quality, English-medium education to those who need it.

If you already support us or have done so in the past, thank you for making our work possible! If you're new to Baobab we invite you to learn more about the programs we provide. You can help Baobab continue it's work by making a one-time donation, or supporting us monthly. You can also volunteer for us in Tanzania or from your home!

Karibu sana! Welcome to The Baobab Home!

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