Our Team


Terri Place Mwandu and Caito Mwandu - Founders

Terri and Caito founded The Baobab Home in 2004. Together they worked with children and families throughout Bagamoyo and have overseen the development of the farm and school. Their family has continued to grow with The Baobab Home. These days Caito oversees operations on the farm while Terri spends time gardening.


Glory, Helena, Grace - House Mamas

The House Mamas are the unsung heroes of The Baobab Home. They are all incredibly patient, caring, and have the endurance of a Triathalon athlete. Glory and Grace went to school for childcare and Mama Helena trained on the job as a mother to her own boys. The Baobab kids love their moms dearly. Mama Glory has been the lead house mom at Baobab since we took our first child in 2008. She is trained as a baby/toddler caregiver. She also oversees the medical care of the children.

Cleaning Team

Mama Pili, Mama Pili, Mama Mayasa - Cleaning Mamas

They tirelessy cook, clean, return lost items, and help take care of the kids. They fight the never-ending battle against dirt and chaos ensuring a clean and safe environment at The Baobab Home and Steven Tito Academy. 

Yasini - Purchasing & Finance Manager

Yasini has been a part of The Baobab Home family since 2005. In 2013, he earned a diploma in Business Management and Administration. In 2015, he began working for us as our Purchasing and Finance Manager. Yasini is instrumental in handling all of the day to day financial duties for The Baobab Home. It is his job to manage and facilitate all expenditures for the farm and school. From keeping the lights on to feeding the kids, Yasini ensures we have the resources necessary to keep everyone happy. 

Joseph - Social Worker

Joseph works as a link between Government and The Baobab Home, and between the children and their relatives and the community. He also runs a weekly Reading Intervention Program for Steven Tito Academy students.

Mugi - Driver

Mugi has been working at The Baobab Home for 15 years providing an incredibly flexible service: he has done every job from driver to
fish farmer, to parent manager with great care and dedication.


Baba Daudi - Cook

Baba Daudi is a father of three and a trained chef with many years of experience. Every school day we cook for no less than 200 people, but Baba Daudi always has a smile on his face and even manages to cook special meals for people with dietary restrictions. His daughter Nazarena and his son Junior attend Steven Tito Academy.

Baba Shukuru - Assistant Cook

Baba Shukuru works hard every day to provide tasty and healthy meals to our kids at The Baobab Home and Steven Tito Academy using chemical-free veggies and fruits from our own gardens or neighboring farms.

Pendo - Lead Farmer

Pendo comes from Monduli, Tanzania and she belongs to the Maasai tribe. With the help of Shabani and Elias, Pendo takes care of our organic farm. Pendo has a daughter, whom she named after one of our volunteers from Israel who inspired her.

Shabani - Farmer

Shabani has been a part of The Baobab Home farm for most of his life. He is from Bagamoyo and his parents worked here before we bought the farm. We helped Shabani get vocational training in auto mechanics, which he likes very much, but for the time being, he is ‘home’ helping get our farm in great working order.

Elias - Farmer

Elias comes from Tabora, Tanzania. He works alongside Pendo and Shabani to take care of our organic farm. We are currently growing rice, leafy greens, eggplant, hibiscus, pigeon peas, as well as local vegetables. All of this helps provide nutritious meals for the kids at The Baobab Home and Steven Tito Academy. 

Yohanna - Farmer

Yohanna's main responsibility is to take care of our biogas system and the BSFL (Black Soldier Fly Larvae). 

Melubo - Cow Herder

Melubo started at The Baobab Home as a guard and recently transitioned to a cow hearder role. His love for animals is setting a great example for the children.

Abdalla - Cow Herder

Abdalla has been working as cow hearder and milker for several years. He makes sure the cows eat healthy food and in good quantities and milk them every morning so that the Baobab kids get a healthy and nutrious breakfast before the day ahead.

Moses - Lead Guard

Moses joined in 2017 and since then has been ensuring safety and order at the farm. We all sleep tight because of his hard work, thank you Moses!

Kaika - Guard

Kaika works together with Moses in guarding the farm. He makes sure that we are all safe and everything is running smoothly.

Bariki - Farm Assistant

Bariki has a very versitile role at the farm and he is always up for taking new responsibilities. He maintains the environment clean, takes care of the poultry and supplies water to all.

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