Just Add Water


After 13 years, we face our biggest challenge ever: reliable access to safe water has reached a critical point, and threatens our future. We must take action now. We have a plan, but we need lots of help to make it happen! Check out our official campaign page on the Razoo crowdfunding site. Please consider donating and sharing our story to help us spread the word. Your support will enable us to continue our important work with Tanzania's most vulnerable children. Help us #justaddwater!

Project Donor Wall

Thirst Quenchers

Carol Scanzo Piltz

Shan Hays

Rebecca Merrell

Althea Hartley

Andrew Herder

Cathleen Akers

Sauli S.

Elaine Kaufman

Akke de Jong

Shaun Cumby

Jo Place

Linda Garbo

Cynthia Hofeldt

Josh Dazel

Tobias Smith

Meenakshi Dash-Williams

Joseph Longoria

Rebecca Falco

Glenn Perkins

Clare Coffey

Angela Papcun

Kimberly Ann Laizer

Melissa Byers

Joy Chartier

Channin Gladden

Vivian Castillo

Ann Jones

Gary Hopper

Lucinda Mellott

Jeffrey Harry

Karen Loeschner

Robyn West

James Brown

Jenni Parmalee

Chamel Raghu


Kate Jennings

Amanda McConnell

The Kowalks

Ann Mullen

Hershel Vinson

Robin Paolone

Jack Williams

Aimee Nicole Zoeller

Erin Dunleavy

Margaret Sorge

Arthur & Adrian Hamm

Denise Tuck

Denise Okonsky

M. S. Davidson

Darla Forman

Thuy An Nguyen

Louisa Benny


Rachel Snitzer

Maureen Reid-Cunningham

Jayne Heaney

Mary & Charley Arnold

Carmela Parker

Hannah Leifheit

Susan McMillan

Rigo Lepe

Claudio Hrycyna

Rebecca Sorge

Angela Patterson

Alana Deery

Rachel Felver

Nicola White

Katie Balk

Tom Nguyen

Patrick Nappi


Super Soakers

Steven Vallenari

Kathryn O'Donnell

The Oelrich Family

Lisa Blando

Monica Bauer

Julie Price

Raymond Kay

Troy Tompkins

Jennifer Rumpza

Eileen Szajdecki

Erika & Sage Poland

Rodger Cook

Dan Manwaring

Shirley Morris

Chris Saddler

Heidi Putnam

Chris & Susan Rabenold

Shane Hofeldt

Tod O'Donnell

Patricia Bruininks

Anne Goldberg

Richard Marione

Kim & Kath

Kristin Shadid

Ann Jones

Shannon Evans

The Brunetti Family

To & René Tasseron

Dr. John Rotundo

Georgette Clerico

Deborah Sheldon

Marissa & Kyle Lindgren

Elizabeth Hull

Cory Henrickson

James Dailey

Matt Puccini

Denise Cook

Paul & Sue Johnson

Barry Nauta

Suzzi Pickett

Luke Iorio

Jesse Rankin

Sherwin Carballo

The Jay Family

Lara Bancroft

Joseph Rudman

Audrey & Lou Blair

Michael MacIntyre

Sarah Trax

Russell O'Bryan

Lisa Dailey

Linda Lannen

Hannah Nelson

Dean Jones

Carys Hughes

Ian Haley

Laura Vallenari

Elizabeth Heath Jamison

Carol Montgomery

Laura Guyer

Patrick Brown

Laura Haley

Richard & Mina Van Dyne

Gabriele Nagorny-Witig

Noel Schaus

Jennifer Bernaiche

Amy Kaylor

Shoko Maetani

Water Diviners

Jim & Ellen Dailey 

Mary Harmon & Friends

Andrea Braun


Kathleen Scott Mahoney


James Taylor & Anthony Luongo


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