Since the needs of each family and child are unique and varied, we reserve some of our funding for general outreach. This program provides educational support to students through school fees and donations of goods, such as uniforms. We have built houses and created income generation projects for those living in poverty. We have also helped young people get into drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Emergency medical care is often a need of the community as well, and our general outreach program helps us provide money for these health care emergencies. 

Anyone who has followed the work of The Baobab Home over the years remembers some of our most successful outreach clients, the "Street Boys." In 2005 we got them started in secondary school. Today, Benedictor is studying nursing and Emmanuel is getting his diploma in counseling. William graduated from the college of social work and Yasini from business school. Kenneth is working for a solar power company while waiting to hear about which University he might attend. They are all fine young men with promising futures and we are so proud of what they are accomplishing.

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